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Military Information

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Military Information

Interested in joining or learning more about the army? Link to 
www.goarmy.com for answers to your questions and finding out information about the latest options.

Interested in job opportunities, skills training, money for college and travel in today's high tech society?  Look no further than options today in the NAVY. Visit 
www.navy.com for further information and opportunities or call 1-800-USA NAVY.  Students can also contact a NAVY Recruiter with general questions--Petty Officer Underdown @ 801- 503-5771 (cell) or 801-572-4470 (office). 

Air Force
Curious to know about U.S. Air Force Scholarships, jobs, careers, benefits and training? Look no further than 
www.airforce.com.  Students interested in attending the Air Force Academy may also contact George Arce-Larreta, Lieutenant Colonel, USAFR, regarding Air Force admissions. @ (801) 816-1206.

If you're interested in the Marines, here is the government sponsored website providing you with all the information you need, next to having a recruiter at your side! Link to 
http://marines.com for more information.

Interested in military jobs, options, or becoming an officer in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, visit 
www.usmilitary.com for more information.

Selective Service Registration

Did you know that Selective Service Registration is required by law and all 18-year old males are required to register? In order for any male student to receive financial aid from the U.S. Government he must be registered with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday.
Selective Service Registration